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Client Builder is a customized web application intended for use by licensed Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. Franchisees only.

Client Builder is a global marketing/enrollment database designed to deliver key decision-making information to Franchisees. This system enables Franchisees to target appropriate markets and grow their local business. Through Franchisee participation, Client Builder is sure to provide users with the information required to succeed, increase our global market share, and have a positive impact on sales and profitability.

For more information about Client Builder, please e-mail clientbuilder@dalecarnegie.com

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Important Change Announcement and Business Objective:

Dale Carnegie is working with you, our franchise network, to stabilize the information captured within Client Builder and utilize this data to gain a better understanding of current, past and predictive business metrics.

Currently Client Builder allows the back dating of payments and registrations making it difficult to capture accurate business metrics from the system. We need your help implementing some controls around the management of this information. Help us keep Client Builder flexible and at the same time help us bring reliability to the data so it can be used to the betterment of the business and the franchise network.

Did you know that payments recorded for previous months can fluctuate more than 16% in the current month?

Did you know that registrations recorded for previous months can fluctuate more than 30% in the current month?


Solution in place as of July 10, 2018:

Allow for the backdating of payments and registrations to the prior month up until the 10th day of the current month. This will allow for more accurate reporting on business metrics as well as maintaining flexibility with data management and entry.

What this means for you:

All payments and registrations will need to be submitted by the 10th day of the following month (for example, the deadline for submitting June payments and registrations is July 10th). If they are not submitted by the end of the 10th day, they will have to be submitted as part of the following month.

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